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Comin' Down 04:20
Comin' down i got no way to get up I've gone through a door i know i can't shut Fear is creepin how long will it last? Trying to breathe, Trying to get back Light comes in and I cant close my eyes Feelin' Diseased just to feel more alive So far up to get so far down Can't face the world when you can't touch the ground GIVEN ALL THAT I HAVE AND THATS ALRIGHT BLEEDING MYSELF DRY AND THATS JUST FINE DOING DAMAGE AGAIN AND THATS ALRIGHT SPREADING MYSELF THIN AND THATS JUST FINE Pull me up and I'll drag you under Given all I have and thats alright Bleeding myself dry And thats Just Fine Doing damage all the way through the night Spread myself so thin I can't see no light Dark takes a hold as the light floods in On the way down, back around i can feel it coming
Greed 03:12
Had your fill but you're still on the attack Taken too much, Too much to take back Nothing in the world can fill in the gap Nothing you can do to cover the cracks Had your fill but theres something you lack You've gone too far, too far to turn back Had your warning now you're caught in a trap Nothing you can do to escape the facts THE GREED IT TAKES A HOLD AND IT GRIPS TIGHT YOU THINK YOU STRUCK THE GOLD BUT GOLD CAN BITE it bites back It grips tight Taking it all, take more than you need Trying to feed a hole you dug yourself Had your fill, now you want mine Decadent life,Poisonous mind Heavy wallet pockets full to the brim Started a fight that you can never win Started something that you can never stop Going too far, going over the top
Broke 03:00
Broke to fuck again Nothing left to spend Can't remember the last time a minus wasn't there Running dry again I've come to the end Hangs over like a weight about to crush my head Im fucking trying, and i won't stop trying I need to get out of this hole They are coming and they want you No more to give and no more to lose Patience lack, Debt keeps on stacking DEAD BROKE AGAIN You know why but you can't choose When they come or what they take from you Your patience lacking No way to get back in Dead Broke Again im so sick Broke to fuck again Nothing left to spend Can't remember if something was ever there Running dry again Ive come to the end Hangs over like weight that will crush my head BROKE AGAIN CRUSH MY HEAD BROKE AGAIN They are coming and they want you No more to give and no more to lose Patience lacking,Debt keeps on stacking Dead Broke again Im so sick
YOU REALLY WOULDN'T KNOW You broke the wire You severed your soul Taken by the darkness Let truth be told Empty and spineless You wouldn't know Something real If it cut your throat Not in it to win it Players playing the game When alls been said and done You will never change Not in it to win it Not a thought in your head When alls been said and done Already made your bed I get the feeling I get the feeling, you want us to lose You want us to lose And theres nothing else holding you back Destined to fail, Its a fact This feeling son top of me Theres nuttin' stopping me Complete your monopoly You can't encompass me Making a mockery your chemistry is entrophy Feeling like you don't understand the way that it has to be I got that feeling You want us to lose


released March 18, 2018


all rights reserved




UKHC Bristol Style
Formed in 2013

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