Pushing Forward

by Back Down



Released through Knives Out Records 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Oz Craggs at Hidden track studios, Folkestone, Kent.

Dedicated to the MI$T.


released July 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Back Down Bristol, UK

UKHC Bristol Style
Formed in 2013
Knives Out Records

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Track Name: No Time
Don't push it too far
No time for wasted remarks
Loosin grip of the things you can't control

No time for you
Blinded by hate what will you do?
No time for you
Blinded by hate theres nothing new

Leave your ignorance aside
Your heads been buried in sand
You don't know me so back off from this now

No time for you
Just a fool
Just a pathetic excuse, theres no excuse

You have no right, you hypocrits
Stop playing the game of reich
No one wants to hear your shit
You're all pathetic, little cowards
Playing your games you're winning nothing
Believe in something, something right
Something just, for a change
Track Name: Burn It Down
Take a look inside my head its bleak theres nothing here
that makes me want to stay you make me sick!

I see, no feeling no remorse, trapped, in these fucking walls.

You can't get the best of me i will confess, this feelings got me trapped inside a curse of pure lonliness, im breaking out if its the last thing i do, saving fuel to my fire aim it at you!

Adding fuel to the fire, make it burn, brighter, higher.
Burn down your enemies, break down insecurities

Looking bakc on wasted time, coming to terms with all your lies
Check, what you say to me!

Set us free from all this tyranny, its plain to see that we want no part of your lie.
Track Name: Pushing Forward
Still pushing forward, push away the ones that aren't close
Still fearing the worst, for times ahead aren't looking good

Uncertain darkness, stay strong ignite the path
Ignore the heartless, you have embrace life!

Because its not getting easy
To be alone in this world
Because its not getting easy
You have to grip this life!

Stay true with conviction, not giving in so sick of lies
You're running in circles, burning all your time
You have to grip this life with your bare hands
Start making a change before you loose yoursefl

You have to claw it back!

As i feel the grip get tighter, this world takes hold of my life
Not giving in to surrender, live each day like its my last

Like its my last.
Track Name: These Chains
Sick and tired of these chains
They hold me down but I won't break
I hold on through thick and thin
Never give up never give in to you!

You can't see, what, this, is doing to me
You don't understand, nothings right nothings real, your heads in the ground

Track Name: Love Denied
Tell me something, what made it so hard?
Running in circles, you denied our love
Won't you tell me, what made it so hard?
Getting nowhere, you denied this love.

And im not looking back, cus that was yesterday, and i was broken and beaten, it owuldn't go away, so when I sit and take a minute I think about it, was I to blame?
Im not looking back im not looking back, that was yesterday!

Not looking back!
Yesterday,no more looking back, living day to day, keep my head up!
Keep my head up!
Keep my head, above the water,no way im getting, backed into a corner

Im growing stronger, feel the life coursing through my veins
Im growing stronger, you gave me up so i could be free!

No more love, its denied, erase the past, I don't want it
Keep my head, above the water

This love was Denied!